PRESENTATION: OV1-Dynamic Graphic using Flyouts
PROPOSAL: Flow Chart Example
PRESENTATION: Cross Section Diagram
PROPOSAL: Vertical Bar Chart
PRESENTATION: OV1-Cycle Chart with Detailed Information
PRESENTATION: Detailed section layout using MS PowerPoint, Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator
PUBLICATION: Call out Information
PUBLICATION: 3D Area Graph Chart
PUBLICATION: Puzzle Graphic
PROPOSAL: Simple Flow Chart
PRESENTATION: OV1-Dynamic Graphic using Flyouts
Technical Drawings
PROPOSAL: Technical Proposal Drawings
Proposal Covers
Proposal Covers
Proposal Graphics
Different types of Proposal Graphics
Art Request Form
Art Request Form: Created by me for efficient art tracking. Ideal for fast turnaround graphics.
PUBLICATION: Timeline Graphic
PUBLICATION: Wedding Cake Graphic
PROPOSAL: Pyramid Graphic